Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

I have an interior designer I already work with.  Why should I work with Silver Harmony Living?

Silver Harmony designers are Certified Aging-In-Place Specialists.  Many interior designers do not have this certification.  Besides making your home aesthetically pleasing, our designers are specially trained to assess your specific situation and address safety and accessibility needs so you can keep living in your home for the long-term.  If you have a designer you already work with and would like to continue working with them, we would be happy to provide an assessment that your designer can use to develop your design plan or we can work in partnership with your designer. 


Are there any tax benefits to remodeling my home to make it more accessible?

Costs incurred to implement accessibility modifications in your home may be an eligible medical deduction on your Federal and State Income Tax if they meet specific requirements.  However, since everyone’s situation is different, you should check with your CPA or tax adviser to see if these modification would be eligible deductions for you.



Why should I work with Silver Harmony rather than work directly with a contractor?


A contractor can make a space functional, but working with Silver Harmony provides the long-term  benefit of living in a home designed to your specific aesthetic.  We will work in partnership with you to ensure you are getting exactly the type of home you want and need so you can feel confident about design choices.  Plus, a well-designed home will likely better retain its value because it doesn’t look age specific.

Does Medicare or health insurance cover any of the cost of home modifications needed due to limited mobility?

Unfortunately, Medicare doesn’t cover the cost of home modifications, such as the installation of new kitchen cabinets or bathroom remodeling even for those with mobility and accessibility limitations.  In general, Medicare will only cover equipment that is considered medically necessary. They consider these modifications to be a convenience rather than a necessity. However, Medicaid may cover some of these costs for those who qualify through the Arizona Long-Term Care System. Additionally, most private health insurance companies will not cover the cost of home modifications.

What kind of investment is needed to make my home aging-in-place ready?

Everyone’s situation is different so the investment needed for each project is different.  It is largely based on the extent of modifications you’d like to make to your home. provides a national estimate of costs which will give you a general guideline. We understand that this is a big decision and you want to make a smart investment.  One way we can approach your project is for you to set the investment amount that you are comfortable with and we can outline what can be accomplished for that amount based on what is important to you.